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Ragdoll Cat
TICA registered

1. When are kittens ready to leave?

Kittens are ready to leave our home at 14-16 weeks of age.

2. Why can't kittens leave before 14-16 weeks?

There are several reasons why we keep our kittens till this age. We spay/neuter our kittens at 12 weeks of age. This gives them time to heal properly afterward. We want each of our kittens to leave confident and well adjusted, ready for their news homes. Kittens enter two socialization stages during their first 16 weeks. The first at 1-8 weeks and then another at 9-16 weeks. The second period is when kittens learn how to interact and play with people and other cats. giving them the confidence to explore without fear.  It also gives us time to work out any physical or behavioral issues before they leave us.

3. What do kittens come home with?

Each kitten comes with TICA registration, a two year genetic health guarantee, certificate of health for our veterinarian, age appropriate FVRCP vaccines, spayed/neutered, free of internal and external parasites, starter bag of food, favorite toys, a blanket that smells mom and littermates and lifetime support from us. 

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