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  • Nicole Shambach

Is Your Cat Afraid of the Vacuum Cleaner?

To help your cat overcome the fear of the vacuum, you can try the following tips:

1. **Gradual exposure**: Start by placing the vacuum cleaner in the room without turning it on. Allow your cat to approach and investigate it at their own pace.

2. **Positive association**: Use treats, toys, or catnip near the vacuum to create a positive association. This will help your cat see the vacuum as something non-threatening.

3. **Desensitization**: Gradually introduce the sound of the vacuum cleaner by turning it on for short periods while giving your cat treats or playing with them. Increase the duration slowly over time.

4. **Safe spaces**: Provide your cat with safe spaces where they can retreat to when they feel scared. This could be a cozy hiding spot or a room where the vacuum is not allowed.

5. **Regular exposure**: Make the vacuum cleaner a regular
 part of your cat's environment so they become desensitized to it over time.

Remember, patience and positive reinforcement are key when helping your cat overcome their fear of the vacuum.

At Shade Mtn Dolls, we kick-start desensitization training at just two weeks old! It is normal to hear the sound of a vacuum humming in the background as our little ones play and snuggle without a care in the world. By four weeks, we're already cleaning the nursery floors with the vacuum, gradually introducing them to the process. We take it slow, ensuring they feel safe and secure every step of the way. The best part? Some kittens even end up turning vacuum time into playtime because there is no fear? Once in a while we have a kitten that dislikes the noise and still takes cover behind a couch or a chair. That is ok as long as they aren’t running away in shear terror.

This is what we like to see in our kittens.

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